Selected Clips

Bridging the Gap Between Mothers and Daughters in Iran
May 2018, The New York Times 

A Starter Guide to Streaming Lebanese Cinema 
April 2018, The New York Times 

A Glimpse Into the World of Lebanon’s 1 Percent
February 2018, The New York Times 

‘Happiness Is Incomplete’: A Refugee Couple’s Scattered Lives
November 2017, The New York Times 

The Magic Formulas Behind the Set Lists at Afropunk Fest
August 2016, The New York Times

Fasting in the Summer Heat
July 2016, The New York Times

How do you hype music in-store?
Jan. 2016, Monocle

‘Beirut, Beirut’ follows one man’s search for ideals in a war-torn country
September 2015, The Christian Science Monitor

Why Kayla Mueller, raped repeatedly by ISIS leader, refused to escape
August 2015, The Christian Science Monitor

Hotdogs in the city
Oct. 2014, Brownbook 

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